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Sell your excess inventory

We sell your goods for you.

Blueberry Aviation can sell your excess helicopter spare parts stock for you and release the money you have tied up in useless equipment.
Our long lasting customer relation, driven by an efficient service and knowledge on the industry has enabled us to place helicopter spare parts with helicopter owners and operators all over the world.
Blueberry Aviation routinely sell various types of spare parts on consignment on behalf of customers in all parts of the world.
We have inquires from Europe, Asia, and North and South America on a daily basis.
If you have helicopter spare parts in working condition or needing overhauling contact us to see what we can do for you .


We can either pick up and store your stock, or sell it straight from your warehouse.
We will conduct quality and certification checks on parts as required, and prepare them for sale.
We will promote your stock and support sales with online marketing campaigns targeted at your audience.
We deal with enquiries and the final buyer, organize the payment, and deliver the goods to the purchaser.

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