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Your partner for your future helicopter acquisition.

Blueberry Aviation is the most active entity in the helicopter secondary market.

What is our strength? We love helicopters and we know them inside out.

We own them, maintain them, enhance them and operate complex reconfigurations from one mission type to another. And the chances are we have the helicopter you’re looking for !

Helicopter for sale

Helicopter for sale

The great thing is, if we don’t have that helicopter, we’ll still find it for you. Because we are the first people helicopter owners talk to when they are looking to dispose of their helicopters.

So if our portfolio doesn’t include the helicopter you want, it's very likely one of our customers does. We work with a network of solid and trustworthy operators and owners throughout the world, who trust us year after year with the task of assisting them in renewing their fleets.

 Helicopter for sale

Buying a helicopter can be a complex task. But that’s why we’re here:

  • Partnering with market experts like Blueberry Aviation means you will find the right helicopter, at the right price.
  • Blueberry Aviation’s helicopter team is made up of highly competent and dynamic helicopter experts.
  • Our sales team will structure your acquisition from A to Z, assisting you closely with technical, administrative, customs and regulatory issues ensuring you total peace of mind throughout the entire transaction process.
  • Blueberry Aviation has the unique technical ability to reconfigure a helicopter, if appropriate for you.


This is why Blueberry Aviation averages 30 successful transactions a year worldwide for the past decade, and has strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Note we also have some off market helicopters which are not listed on our website. If you do not find the machine you are looking for, get in touch with our sales team.



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  • Aurelie Millet Aurelie Millet Commercial Director - North America
    English, French, Spanish
    Phone : +377 98 80 04 33
    Cell : +33 7 86 14 19 95
    Email : Click here
  • Cezar Mihailescu Cezar Mihailescu Helicopter Commercial Representative
    English, Romanian, French
    Cell : +40 747 188 799
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  • Mary Carmen del Madrid Mary Carmen del Madrid Commercial Director
    Spanish, French, English, Italian
    Phone : +377 98 80 04 37
    Cell : +33 671 39 96 02
    Email : Click here
  • Kevin Poesy Kevin Poesy Commercial Director
    English, French
    Phone : +377 98 80 04 48
    Cell : +33 6 83 73 33 20
    Email : Click here
  • Serena Hawkins Serena Hawkins Helicopter representative UK and VIP
    Cell : +33 6 30 93 62 93
    Email : Click here
  • Joanna Lumanlan Joanna Lumanlan Commercial Director - South East Asia
    English, Filipino
    Cell : +65 8182 8621
    Email : Click here
  • Marina Kirillova Marina Kirillova Helicopter Commercial Representative
    English, French, Russian
    Cell : +371 24 88 03 01
    Email : Click here
  • Julien Di Carlo Julien Di Carlo Technical Director
    French, English
    Phone : +377 98 80 04 45
    Cell : +33 6 38 96 92 10
    Email : Click here
  • Aubrey Point Aubrey Point Executive Vice President
    English, French
    Phone : +377 98 80 04 47
    Cell : +33 6 26 70 69 47
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