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Helicopter Sales

BLUEBERRY AVIATION actively buys, sells and leases pre-owned Helicopters for all types of missions.
We own a wide range of pre-owned Helicopters and are constantly looking for quality assets.

Before our pre-owned Helicopters are offered on the market, we carefully assess technical status and aircraft documentation, and perform all relevant maintenance, as required.
Given our in-house expertise and cooperation with specialized facilities including the OEM's and network, we are in a position to handle extensive reconfiguration and maintenance work on any helicopters, hence upgrading and enhancing the value of the helicopters we offer to our customers.



Mandating BLUEBERRY AVIATION to sell your Helicopter is the solution to finding the right buyer at the right price. Avinco’s team are in close touch with private and commercial operators looking to acquire pre-owned Helicopters all over the world.

We work across all market segments and all turbine driven Helicopter types and models.

We will assess your Helicopter’s optimal market value and use our worldwide network of contacts to match it with the right buyer.

Our extensive and qualified database enables us to contact a large number of possible acquirers looking for a particular type of Helicopter. Our portfolio of customers is very large: Oil & Gas, public services, EMS, commercial, private operators...

BLUEBERRY AVIATION regularly advertises its clients’ Helicopters in major industry media and is actively representing them at major industry events, and through worldwide agents.

  • identify potential buyers
  • coordinate the commercial offer
  • orchestrate contractual arrangements
  • manage the technical acceptance protocols, deregistration and delivery processes

Have a look at our available Pre-owned Helicopters:

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BLUEBERRY AVIATION is mandated by clients worldwide to source and purchase or lease pre-owned Helicopters on their behalf. Here’s why they choose BLUEBERRY AVIATION to source their Helicopter:

  • Our expert knowledge of Helicopters means we can play a truly advisory role
  • Our contacts with key players worldwide means we are quick to locate candidate Helicopters and enter negotiations
  • We facilitate the complicated process of sourcing and purchasing a used Helicopter every step of the way.

BLUEBERRY AVIATION will manage every step of your acquisition process:

  • make recommendations for the suitable Helicopter type
  • search worldwide for pre-owned Helicopters most adapted to their client’s needs
  • provide technical specifications of target Helicopter
  • establish true market value
  • negotiate acquisition terms with seller
  • carry out technical inspections of selected Helicopter and arrange test flights
  • finalise contractual arrangements
  • manage transfer of ownership and certification
  • deliver the pre-owned Helicopter


 Lease Structuring

The benefits for an operator to lease a Helicopter as opposed to finance a Helicopter purchase are many:

  • No capital outlay
  • Tax deductable lease payments
  • Lower operating costs and cash flows
  • Flexible: manage your fleet according to demand without increasing your borrowings.

We can tailor leasing contracts suited to your requirements:

  • Wet or dry lease
  • Lease duration
  • Maintenance reserves
  • Sale & leaseback arrangements


Consultancy Services

BLUEBERRY AVIATION are facilitators. Depending on your needs and structure you may choose to outsource all or part of the processes to do with your Helicopter. BLUEBERRY AVIATION can provide tailor-made, turn-key solutions to meet your needs.

Through BLUEBERRY AVIATION in-house departments and industry partners throughout the world, we are able to provide any or all of the following services, anywhere in the world:

Helicopter Appraisals


  • Establish a value for your helicopter before putting it on the market
  • Obtain an independent valuation to compare with an asking/offered price
  • Provide third-party valuations (financial reporting)

Establishing a market value for leasing purposes :

Technical Audits

We perform Technical Audits to establish the condition of a pre-owned helicopter and documentation, providing a comprehensive and independent report to third parties ensuring:

  • Base condition of the pre-owned helicopter and documentation is established and at redelivery or lease end any asset depreciation is within contractual parameters (Asset Valuation).
  • Pre-owned helicopter Operator/Lessee meets all contractual and aviation regulatory requirements
  • Monitor the pre-owned helicopter and Operator during Lease period to ensure contractual and regulatory compliance (Asset Protection).
  • By performing a Lease End inspection at redelivery the pre-owned helicopter and its documentation is within contractual parameters.
  • The pre-owned helicopter is ready for immediate remarketing

Technical Inspections

We perform Pre-purchase Technical Inspections to Third Party Clients to establish:

  • The airworthiness and condition of the pre-owned helicopter meets the market value and clients expectations.
  • Completeness of the pre-owned helicopter documentation
  • The Pre-owned Helicopter and documentation is compliant to the client’s respective Aviation Regulatory body for importation.

We perform Technical Acceptance Inspections on behalf of Third Party Clients to ensure:

  • All deficiencies found in the Pre-purchase Technical Inspection have been completed.
  • The pre-owned helicopter and documentation is in accordance with the contract of sale.
  • Perform flight test to ensure airworthiness
  • All relative Airworthiness Certificates are current and in accordance with contract of sale

Turn key solutions :

  • Finance structuring - BLUEBERRY AVIATION can structure and originate financial transactions for pre-owned helicopter buyers with specific financing requirements, and arrange debt and equity finance for pre-owned helicopters.
  • Maintenance and Operations – You can call on BLUEBERRY AVIATION to organize and subcontract your helicopter’s maintenance and operation
  • Administrative procedures – BLUEBERRY AVIATION can advise and /or manage your administrative procedures , such as registration, appropriate aviation, hull and transportation insurance, registration processes, etc...
  • Shipment – Pre-owned helicopter delivery, re-delivery, ferry flights, including all pertaining administrative and insurance procedures
  • Crew – BLUEBERRY AVIATION can recruit full time or part-time pilots for specific missions or maintenance flights, and arrange appropriate training.
  • Refurbishment – BLUEBERRY AVIATION is partner with the best helicopter refurbishment centers in the world. We will coordinate alterations or complete overhaul of your pre-owned helicopter’s lay-out to suit your operating needs whilst rigorously conforming to all industry standards and regulations.

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