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arrow Special advice: PtoF conversion, repo, fleet/financing

Special advice: PtoF conversion, repo, fleet/financing

Aircraft Repossession

   Blueberry Aviation provides an efficient aircraft repossession service in the event of a payment or other default results in a breach of an existing lease contract or financing agreement. Blueberry Aviation will ensure this is done professionally, through its legal, technical, commercial and administrative assistance, and will strive to retrieve the aircraft, major components and all relevant historical and maintenance records to minimize any loss in aircraft value during a difficult process. Blueberry Aviationo coordinates & manages the entire repossession and off-lease period using various specialist providers to supply necessary services including managing all reconfiguration / modification / overhaul services required:

  •   Insurance
  •   Flight Crew
  •   Registration services
  •   Storage & Maintenance
  •   Engineering oversight


Structure Investment

  Blueberry Aviation can structure and manage aircraft investment vehicles for investors looking to protect their investment from excessive taxation (income, capital gains and withholding taxes are typically the main considerations) and implement any lender imposed requirements. Through the use of both internal and external legal, accounting and taxation advisors, Blueberry Aviation has successfully assisted in the structuring and ongoing management of a number of such vehicles over the past few years.


Freighter Conversion

    Blueberry Aviation is well experienced in the potentially high value-added activity of converting passenger aircraft into freighters. Both through its recent direct experience with freighter conversion providers and through the previous experience of several Blueberry Aviation team members, we are extremely well positioned to chose the right aircraft to be converted, negotiate a state-of-the-art conversion agreements (including programme launch agreements) and ultimately to maximize the benefit from value added in this notoriously cyclic market.

    Blueberry Aviation has recently worked as lead negotiator for the launch customer of the A320/A321 conversion programme as well as having sold a number of 747-400 conversion slots to an investor on behalf of a partner to a conversion provider.

    Prior to joining Blueberry Aviation, two of our team members were highly active in the freighter conversion market. This experience included buying, converting and selling several A300B4 and A300-600 aircraft over a number of years.

    Blueberry Aviation’s extensive track record in freighter conversions has to date added considerable value for its investors, a success Blueberry Aviation wants to continue building on.

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