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arrow Some more ideas how to finance my aircraft

Some more ideas how to finance my aircraft

Aircraft Finance

Blueberry Aviation has a long track record in arranging aircraft financing and structuring financial transactions for investors and airlines. We have the expertise to advise on appropriate financing structures and originate financing for aircraft owners with multiple financing requirements- including putting in place both debt (finance leasing, with or without tax enhancements) and equity finance (typically sale and leaseback) for new or used aircraft.

Blueberry Aviation will negotiate with manufacturers, banks, lessors, export credit organisations and support organisations as appropriate to obtain the best possible financial terms for its clients and put in place the most effective structure to optimize tax, security and other parameters.

Financial Engineering

blueberry Aviation provides an overview of the financial products available and analyses various options in relation to equipment financing structure including the following activities:

    •   debt structuring (senior and mezzanine funding)
    •   sale and lease back analysis and implementation
    •   tax leasing structuring
    •   offset, tripartite and cooperation agreement management


blueberry Aviation plans and implements the optimum finance structure within the commercial, financial and tax constraints of the proposed transaction. Over the past few years, Blueberry Aviation has assisted in setting up several separate aircraft ownership structures, including two on behalf of airline clients.

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