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Individuals and Experience


BLUEBERRY AVIATION’s staff have all had long and distinguished careers directly 

related to aircraft (either technical or commercial) and hands on experience purchasing, selling, leasing and refinancing a wide range of aircraft types including large VIP jets, helicopters, widebody and narrowbody jets and turboprop aircraft.


BLUEBERRY AVIATION staff encompass a remarkably broad scope of experience with a variety of backgrounds in:

  • lease and sale contract initiation and negotiation (new and used equipment)
  • direct commercial sales experience
  • hands-on aircraft and engine maintenance supervision
  • freighter conversion activities
  • lease and project management
  • aircraft financing (debt and equity)


BLUEBERRY AVIATION is in a Unique Position

BLUEBERRY AVIATION sustains high level relationships with airlines and financial organizations through its work in sourcing and remarketing aircraft for and on behalf of such clients.

Through its extensive network of contacts with banks and private investors, BLUEBERRY AVIATION can source both debt and equity investors. We are in a position to offer sophisticated financing solutions with various groups of investors depending on the type of funding required – i.e. new aircraft debt financing, funding for new start airlines, parties interested in selling or purchasing and leasing back used aircraft etc…

BLUEBERRY AVIATION continues to trade a number of aircraft for its own account and can actively propose buyback solutions for airlines and aircraft owners. BLUEBERRY AVIATIO is actively looking for assets to purchase, having bought over $130m worth of aircraft equipment since 2007 on behalf of various investors